September 9, 2019

Drunk Mom: A Memoir

Shelley and Jackie talk motherhood, otherhood, and the social importance of a harrowing memoir such as “Drunk Mom,” a controversial book that made many people angry for its stories of a very addicted mind (a mind now also responsible for an infant).

The first autobiography written by an African American woman in recovery, “I’m Black and I’m Sober” leads Shelley and Jackie in an awakening discussion of how discrimination, racism, and marginalzation impacts both alcohol addiction, and sobriety.

August 12, 2019

The Boatbuilder

For the second fictional book of Zero Proof Book Club, Shelley and Jackie talk about “The Boatbuilder” and its message of anchoring oneself through meditation, the “marijuana question” in alcohol sobriety, and how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The funny and poignant essays in “Nothing Good Can Come from This” lead Shelley and Jackie through a discussion of alcoholism in foodie culture, how to feel not-lame at parties as a sober person, enjoying summer sober, and the ways alcoholic excess parallelled their own secret-keeping and isolation.

July 15, 2019

Sober Curious

As “Sober Curious” gains international acclaim (and sober circle disdain), Shelley and Jackie discuss evolving the lexicon of sobriety, the pros and cons of a semi-abstinent drinking, and why being sober certain was a better choice for both of them.

July 1, 2019

Judgement Detox

As Shelley and Jackie try not to judge “Judgement Detox” too harshly, they use this Gabby Bernstein self-help book as a launch pad for how judgement influenced their drinking and what they struggle with in sobriety—judging others, their past selves, and the future—and how they beat it.

June 17, 2019


Shelley and Jackie talk about Augusten Burroughs’ hilarious memoir “Dry,” while contemplating AA, memoirs by men vs. women, dry drunks, and the term “alcoholic.”

Though probably their least favorite read so far, “Drink” gives Shelley and Jackie a lot to talk about in terms of women and drinking. They cover topics of motherhood, assault, feminism, hope, and more.

What does a vulnerability expert have to say about imperfection? Shelley and Jackie dig into this Brene Brown classic and apply it to the genuine self-reflection required in sobriety.

Shelley and Jackie discuss falling in love with “Drinking: A Love Story” and why this addiction memoir changed the genre forever. That it continues to be one of the most recommended books for drinkers thinking about quitting is a testament to its honesty and strength.

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